(18 – 30 months)

GCS Toddler program is serving children from the ages of 18 to 30 months. The ratio is 1:5 with a RECE leading the program.

The program is designed to promote all of the toddler’s areas of development in a safe, happy, nurturing, supportive and welcoming environment. Our activities are adapted to individual needs and based on children’s interests and abilities that expand and reinforce their learning, build up their self-esteem and promote autonomy.

The program provides learning opportunities that promote self-help skill (e.g. toilet training, feeding and dressing by themselves); language and communication skills (e.g. receptive language in listening to stories and simple instructions, expressive language in combining words to make simple sentences to join in conversation); social and emotional skills (e.g. observing and playing briefly with peers, using language to assist in emotion regulation, showing awareness  of own feelings and the feelings of others); cognitive skill (e.g. maintain attention for increasing periods of time, solving problems in actions by trial and error); physical skills in fine and gross motor (e.g. body coordination, jumping, walking and running, using tool like safety scissors, holding crayons and brushes to make scribbles); Christian Education – children will have the opportunities to listen to Bible stories, learn to say prayer and sing praises.

At GCS, we work and communicate closely with families as we believe that it is the core of promoting children’s healthy and successful development of all areas.  In addition to regular discussion about children’s progress with parents, we also have access to resource teachers and other further assistance from external organizations.

Toddler’s daily schedule