Bible Verse: When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “ I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. – John 8:12


  1. July has 4 Mondays and tuition applies from July 4 – July 29, 2016. Cheque is payable to “GCS-DN” and is due first week of the month. Please put your child’s name on the cheque.
  2. Summer registration has started for the period from July 4 to September 2. Forms and information are available on the desk outside the office.
  3. Please bring sun lotion and sun hat for your children. Teachers will help apply sun lotion for children in the afternoon. Parents please apply sun lotion on your children before coming to daycare in the morning. It takes 30 minutes for sunscreen to be effective.
  4. We welcome a team of young adults who will be working in the nursery from July to August.
    • T1 — Miss Lily, Miss Grace; T2 — Miss Yi Ling, Miss Carrie, P1 — Miss Noelle, Mr. Andrew; P3 — Mr. Sunway, Mr. Nevin; P4 — Mr. Samuel, Mr. William; Camper — Miss Zoe, Miss Barbus, Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Ron, Mr. Norris; Maintenance — Ryan, Christopher, Ernest, Justin, David.
  5. August 1 is Civic Day, day care is closed.
  6. Ms. Virgilia and Ms. Aeda are on maternity starting July.
  7. Teacher’s vacation: Ms. Purisima July 4-8; Ms. Shirley July 11- 22; Miss miriam July 18 – 29; Mrs. Leung July 25-29.

G.C.S. Prayers

  • Thank God for Ms. Rebecca’s sharing in June PCG. God’s grace is greater than our sins. May God continue to use PCG to share your Love and salvation to GCS parents
  • Thank God for Ms.Purisima to lead the line dance in June PCG. GCS parents and teachers had a good workout and interaction at that night.
  • Thank you God for your protection and provision for GCS children, families and teachers.


Bible Study: Wednesday, July 13- 27 from 6 – 8, topic: “The life of Jesus”

Parent Community Group: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 from 6 – 8. Theme: “Stretch and Strength”. Detail to be followed.

Room Teachers & Staff:

T1 — Ms. Purisma, Ms. Anna.
T2 — Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Susan.

P1 — Ms. Sivan, Ms Tere, Mr. Clifford.
P3 — Ms. Ingrid, Miss Kyung, Ms. Doris.
P4 (JK & SK) — Miss Crystal, Ms. Melissa.

Supporting Staff – Ms. Shirley, Ms. Miriam.
Kitchen: Ms. Rachel, Mrs. Leung, Ms. Rita.

Supervisor Assistant: Miss Sharon.
Supervisor: Mrs. Ng.