• To promote social inclusion of people with disability.
  • To serve those in need, including the aged, youths, people struggling with ill health, disabilities, financial hardship or other disadvantaged groups.
  • To provide our children’s all round education, emphasizing the moral, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development in a loving and caring environment.


Grace Community Services (GCS) is a federally incorporated charity formerly named Grace Christian School of North York established in year 2010. Our organization originally started in 1999 by Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York (GCGCNY) with a vision to provide education service to the community, especially the low-income families in our neighbourhood.

Currently, our daycare center operates all year round and accommodates 115 children including 60 subsidized spaces approved by the City of Toronto. The summer camp operates for eight full weeks in July and August each year. The record attendance was over 100 registrants per week.

Moreover, GCGCNY has operated a Food Bank for over 15 years that provides for the needs of 40—50 families every two weeks, and GCS has been actively supporting the Food Bank.

During the pandemic, GCS has the vision to provide relief and support for those in need. As a result, we got CRA’s approval in late 2021 to expand our object beyond education. Thus, we are now providing weekly programs for the seniors and also launching wellness service for the community.

GCS believes that it is important to help people with disabilities re-engage in the community, to educate the community how to interact with them respectfully without stigmatization and to strengthen public advocacy through collaborating with other organizations in breaking down barriers for integration in the community. Hence, the “Community Buddies” project is evolved and expected to start as soon as possible.

“Community Buddies” aims to provide companionship, care, and support to neurodivergent individuals, ranging from children, youth, adolescents, and adults, who have average or high cognitive function but experience social challenges and loneliness which affect their daily functions and quality of life.

Grace Community Services

201 Tempo Ave.,
North York, ON.  M2H 2R9