Purisima Matalog

  • Have been working with GCS for 4 years and have extensive training and experience in caring and working with children with a caring attitude to attend to children’s needs and concerns in time. My personal strengths include determination, generosity, consideration for others and the ability to use my initiative. A good team member with multi-level communication skills.
  • Obtained Early Childhood Education in 2009 and received ECE Certificate from Seneca College New Ham Campus in 2009.
  • Finished Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology with a major in Human and Family Development Studies at University of the Philippines in 1993 where I served as University Professor in 2001 handling courses such as Family and child development courses.
  • Obtained a Masters degree in Education management in 2001 at University of the Philippines Los Banos and had served several educational institution as educator in the primary, secondary and Tertiary Level.
  • Had the privilege to serve as a Day care Administrator at Day Care Laboratory of the Department of Human and Family Development Studies University of the Philippines – Los Banos.
  • Been a member of Victorious Cross Christian Fellowship in the Philippines and Word International Ministries Toronto where I serve as Sunday School Teacher respectively.